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9 Features of Ruby Ribbon's camis & Demiettes™️

9 Features of Ruby Ribbon's camis or demiettes.

Let's learn about the features of our award winning camis and demiettes and how they benefit you.

•Adapts to every curve with 360° stretch. This adds the ultimate comfort in your daily support. Bonded and release panels are strategically placed to comfortably shape your silhouette.

•No underwire yet provides a noticeable lift. Having no wires helps lymph drainage combined with 360° support. Think invisible bandeau, but actually works.

•Provides total comfort. Our camis are so comfortable that you may even forget you have it on.

•Adjustable straps. All of our camis have adjustable straps and some with the addition of convertible straps to help with extra lift for heavier breasts or if there is a side boob situation.

•No uniboob. This is always a concern. With our individual molded pockets, each breast is in her very own 1st class parking. There is a panel in-between the cups to aid in separation as well.

•Keeps you dry with moisture wicking fabric. Our Pantented fabric called Intomi®️ wicks away moisture that won't transfer to your outer clothing.

•Stays put with an invisible surgical grade silicone gripper hem. This is activated by your body heat to prevent rolling. The sport, Level 1 Lingerie and the second skin demiette do not have a gripper.

•Smooths your back and bans bra bulge. Our camis are constructed in such a way that you get an amazingly smooth back. The placement of the cami or demiette will hide any back and bra bulge based.

•Trims the tummy and offers back support. Once again our strategically placed panels for the win. You can comfortably smooth out love handles and add tummy control to the magic of the panels.

I know this sounds too good to be true and I assure you it is not. I have first hand experience, personally and professionally, that these products truly change your life! If you would like to learn more you can visit this link When you are ready

complete my cami questionnaire to ensure you begin in the perfect size and style for your beautiful and perfect curves.

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