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Factors that can affect your bra size.

Weight gain or loss or a “shift” in weight are the two contributing factors to body changes. When a woman gains or loses 10 pounds or more, it’s time to be fitted for a new bra. Even if you plan on losing more weight, you still want to have the best fitting bra throughout the process so you don’t have discomfort or poor posture in the meantime. Sometimes a woman stays at the same weight, but her weight “shifts” (from medication or other natural factors), causing a change in the size and shape of her breasts. Old bras may no longer be supportive or comfortable, and it may be time to be fitted for a new bra.

TIP: Try new bra styles that will compliment your shape and lifestyle after weight “shifts”.

OTHER COMMON FACTORS THAT CAN AFFECT BRA SIZE INCLUDE: • Pregnancy • Breastfeeding • Stopping breastfeeding • Menopause • Medications • Age • Exercise.

A Ruby Ribbon Cami or Demiette uniquely adapts to many these factors that affect your bra size. Contact me today to discuss your options. Text RUBY to 509-761-4359.

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