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What size are you even?

What Size Are You Even?

We all know our “size” but really, what size are we even?

Bras are generally sized by a number followed by a letter, like 32A or 34C. The number refers to the width of your ribs and the letter coincides with how many more inches your bust size is in relation to your ribs. For example, if your breasts are one inch larger than your chest measurement, you’ll be an A. Two inches is B and so forth.

This all makes sense, but it’s also all so confusing and gets even more confusing when a 34B at H&M is totally different than a 34B at Victoria’s Secret.

Depending on the store, you could be a 34B one place and a 36A somewhere else. Considering the fact that bra sizes don’t just go up from a small to a medium, it can truly take a while to find the perfect size for you at any particular store.

Let me do the heavy lifting! Grab a tape measure and grab those measurements! Input them in my handy dandy fit finder and bam. You receive some recommendations to choose from. Then we chat, giggle and get all the info in how to get the most for your $$ 😉

Whether it's your first time getting sized or you just need to update your measurements, I'm here to help! ☺️

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