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Why Wearing the Right Size Bra Matters.

Why Wearing the Right Size Bra Matters.

The right bra can change the fit and appearance of your clothing. When your bra fits poorly, your breasts may spill over the top of the bra, or your bra may ride up your back, both of which can look unflattering under your clothes. More importantly, wearing the wrong bra size can impact your health. If the cup is too small, it can cause breast pain. If the band of the bra is too big, it can cause your straps to dig into your shoulders and cause pressure headaches. These are some of the reasons why wearing the right size bra matters. An annual fitting is recommended to make sure you’re still wearing the right size as your body may change over the course of a year. ADVANTAGES TO WEARING THE RIGHT BRA SIZE: • Comfortable support • Breasts that are supported underneath by the band, as opposed to by the shoulder straps, for reduced shoulder pressure

• Reduced breast motion which helps avert breast tissue breakdown

• Boosted confidence

• Clothing that fits better


• Red, sometimes painful, marks on your shoulders

• Shoulder pressure, resulting in poor posture, neck pain, and headaches

• Breast tissue breakdown which can reduce breast firmness

• Irritation and chafing

• Needing to constantly tug on or adjust your bra

If you would like to know your true bra size contact me through my website or text SIZING to 509-761-4359 I just need a couple measurements and you will be confident in your bra sizing choices.

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