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Bra sizing explained...kind of.

Bra sizing! The biggest sham there is🤯

Not only does it depend on brand and style. There is also no standardized sizing guide. You can be multiple sizes even in the same brand 🤦‍♀️

Crazy right!?! You then need to take into account your breast size, fullness, shape, placement etc.

Ruby Ribbon determines size in the basic band/bust difference.

For example if you have a 6" difference you would "technically" be an F cup. This may or may not reflect your current traditional bra size.

I have ladies that are "technically" a D cup but may wear a B cup in a traditional bra.

The great aspect of RR is your cup size plays less of a role than you think!

Your band, hip and torso are what I personally focus on, then I factor in the difference in inches from band to bust. That's how I can help you choose the perfect style for your unique body. Find your fit today by submitting the Cami questionnaire. Our sizing is brand specific and I want it to be perfect.

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